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    God has blessed TWR Canada, the creator of Discipleship Essentials, with the resources to create tools for the global Church. We, in turn, wish to bless those who are using it by making use of our content as unrestricted as possible.

    This notice applies to the Discipleship Essentials PDF resources and the audio files.  Discipleship Essentials videos are excluded because some contain content from third-party copyright holders.~

    On many of our resources, you will see a copyright notice such as: “This content is © Trans World Radio Canada, and may be used in any way you like as long as you use it with the purpose of reaching the world for Christ and do not charge for the use of the material.”

    Content with this copyright notice is free for you to use, share, and adapt, subject to some very basic requirements.

    Let’s break this into two categories:  Use & Adaptation.


    Content with this license is free for you to use (and share) in your evangelism and discipleship ministry, with just one main requirement: You agree that you will not charge people for it.1

    If you’re interested in making the full Discipleship Essentials library of resources available through your website or app, please contact us first. We may be able to simplify the process for you!


    You are also welcome to adapt this content to better suit your evangelism and discipleship ministry, with just three requirements.

    1. You agree that you will not charge people for the content2
    2. You agree to include an attribution or acknowledgement in your adaptation that references the original source and the Discipleship Essentials website.3
    3. Any content you create must be released with a similar license.


    Discipleship Essentials Videos include clips that have been licensed from Biblica and The Jesus Film Project.  We gratefully acknowledge the partnership that makes these videos possible and ask that you respect this by not adapting the videos without written permission from TWR Canada.

    2 Discipleship Essentials, and adaptations you create, may not be sold for a profit.  Limited direct cost recovery for printing/photocopying or other distribution is permitted, though we encourage completely free distribution as much as possible.

    3 There may be cases, especially in countries where there may be security concerns, where it is not wise to attribute these resources to yourself, Discipleship Essentials, or Trans World Radio Canada. In these limited cases, no attribution is required.

    Questions?  Contact Us.